Bringing the outside in.

Laden with honey, vanilla and deep, sweet spice or as sharp and bright as hoar frost, winter saves her most intoxicating blooms for the worst of the weather. Long-lasting, fragrant and befitting of close scrutiny, they are perfect for bringing a nip of the outside in.

Pick a few winter sprigs for indoors. The tiny, waxy flower have a magical perfume that lasts for weeks in a jug or jar. Where buds have yet to burst, stand 60cm cuttings upright in buckets of fresh water in cool, dark conditions. As the buds begin to colour, move them into the warmth and light to blossom fully.

imageViburnum bodnantense ‘New Dawn’ creates clouds of intense, sweet perfume from November onwards. The flowers appear on bare stems which can be easily cut.

Citrus and clove scented witch hazel, Hamamelis x intermedia blooms from early December, bringing winter glow and Chrismas spice.


The tiny, pure white flowers of evergreen Sarcococca confusa fill a room with intense vanilla scent.

Hello Winter. Come inside.


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