GROW Heritage apples

Nutty, sharp and brimming with flavour, crunch into the apples your grandparents ate and for less than £20. Crisp, sweet and aromatic or as sour as a peardrop, apples come in lots of shapes and sizes. Picking a tree specially bred to thrive in a smaller spot and planting it in winter when it’s roots are bare, means fresh, historical apples galore and all for less than the price of a veg box.


Dwarf apple trees are specially bred to take up little room and still produce lots of lovely fruit. Look for grafted trees in the description; these apples grow happily a small space or in a big pot, or can be trained flat as a fan against a wall, with the fruit hanging below.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which are the fairest apples of all?

Ugly but delicious: Ashmead’s Kernel (c.1700)

Yellow and fragrant: Beauty of Bath (c.1864)

Crisp and juicy: Cox’s Orange Pippin (c.1825)

Sweet and nutty: Egremont Russet

Suppliers: Brogdale National Fruit Collection


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